Virlanie’s young adults’ annual team-building event

Amazing Race-pect: Virlanie’s young adults’ annual team-building event


Every year, the young adults of the Young Adults Program (YAP) gather together for an annual summer event. This year’s event was entitled “Amazing Racepect” held at Blusyl Resort, Laguna on April 30, 2013. The day was filled with team building activities not only for the young adults (YAs) but also their house parents, teachers, and social workers. The activities were done in different stations or games which are connected with the topic, clue, and rewards incorporating the value of respect. The goals of the event are to enhance the YAs’ camaraderie, build better relationships and instill the value of respect to one’s self, others, and their environment. These are essential to the YAs because they are living in same home.


After the activities, a group discussion was held wherein the young adults shared their insights on the value of respect and how they can apply it in their lives. One of the YAs said, “Here in Virlanie, we treat each other with full of respect.” while another YA added, “We are like a family that is bound with love.”


Virlanie is thankful to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for supporting the Young Adults Program and making this event a success.


Just like ADB, you may also share your love with Virlanie’s young adults by developing their life skills and values by providing job opportunities and conducting training sessions with them.


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