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Due to their previous socio-economic conditions, most beneficiaries under Virlanie’s care had
inadequate nourishment, medical, oral, and therapeutic healthcare prior to their admission.

Furthermore, they were also vulnerable to developmental delays and/or psychological problems.

Approximately 70% of these beneficiaries faced mental and emotional challenges due to past
traumatic experiences of abuse and/or neglect. Thus, the foundation’s Health Services aims to
sustain the beneficiaries’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being in preparation for their
integration to society.

Health services

Our health services ensures that all health concerns including developmental delays or psychological trauma of the chil­dren under our care are healed to the full extent possible, and promotes awareness and prevention among children, youth and families at risk.

Medical Services

The Medical Services aims to sustain the beneficiaries’ physical well-being through health
awareness and prevention of diseases. This will aid them in their normal growth and development.
This is achieved through periodic physical health examinations, facilitation of immunization,
provision of nutritional supplements, growth monitoring, supervision in meal planning, and other needed medical interventions.

251 have benefited from Virlanie's health program

137 referrals were made to specialized health facilities

Psychological Services

Most of the beneficiaries need psychological support due to different adverse life experiences. The psychological healing process of the children is facilitated through individual and/or group
therapies, and counseling. Moreover, psychological assessments are also conducted for every beneficiary to evaluate their current functioning and give recommendations accordingly to help them develop as individuals.

"Therapy makes me happy. It taught me how to be more respectful and disciplined. It also deepened my relashionship with my father."

Michael, 8
Psychological Services Beneficiary

The Dental Clinic

Having a healthy oral hygiene contributes to one’s overall health, well-being, and quality of life.
Thus, Virlanie’s Dental Clinic was started in March 2017 to provide accessible dental care to its
beneficiaries and staff. Specifically, they are given a variety of dental services from oral prophylaxis
to tooth extraction and restoration, etc.

557 patients received dental care at our clinic

2225 dental treatments were provided

Occupational Therapy Services

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Services started in 2002. In Virlanie’s present beneficiary population, sixty eight percent (68%) were children and young adults with special needs. From this population, eighty six percent (86%) of them have OT sessions, either individual or group.

The OT treatment sessions aims to help each child gain their maximum level of independence they needed
to perform day-to-day task and to enhance the quality of life through therapeutic use of work, selfcare, and play.

Louise, Health Services Beneficiary

Louise is one of the cheerful, playful toddlers at Babies & Toddlers Home. On playtime afternoons, one will easily take notice of her because of her playfulness and her right arm. Due to an accident when she was younger, doctors had to amputate her right arm. She was then referred to Virlanie after being discharged from the hospital as her mother was nowhere to be found.

When she arrived, Louise was reclusive and frail, unable to walk at the age of one year and two months, and undernourished. Together with Virlanie’s medical team, BTH’s social workers created a program to improve her nutrition. In the time when she was given fortified and formula milk, her nutrition status normalized, and she had gained weight. Later, when her right arm fully healed, she learned how to use her right stump for play and other activities.

Because of the health services provided by Virlanie, Louise developed and grew into a social, happy, and healthy toddler who likes to play and build structures with toy building blocks.