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Through the residential program, each child is given a new beginning with other children in a caring home.

Five homes are designed according to the psychological development of children and aligned with specific age groups. Each home is small and organized around the rights and needs of the child, in a setting close to a family with a multidisciplinary team composed of house parents, house aunts, cook and laundry personnel. Each home has a registered and licensed social worker, assigned to assess and monitor each child’s situation, and develop the most suitable care plan. This specific feature, which goes beyond the standard of DSWD in terms of social case management, makes the strength and uniqueness of Virlanie’s Residential Pillar. 

Residential Program

Because most of the children under our care came from dysfunctional families and have experienced abuse and neglect in the past, the residential program aims at giving them a home where they can feel secured, loved, and taken care of. We consider this as the first step and an essential frame to their future development.

CLUSTER 1: Homes for Babies and Young Children

Babies & Toddlers Home

The Babies & Toddlers Home was created in February 2013 after the Mother & Child Home and the Toddler Home were closed. The children from these homes were transferred to the new Babies and Toddlers Home. This home cares for babies and toddlers who are 0-4 years old, as well as selected children with special needs.

Masaya Home

Masaya Home was opened in June 1995. These homes care for children aged 6-12 years old. It is a family home of Virlanie where the children live and grow up with the house parents. All the children in Masaya home go to school and participate in extra-curricular activities.

CLUSTER 2: Homes for Young Adults

Elizabeth Home

This home was established in April 1993 to care for girls who came from difficult situations such as physical and/or sexual abuse. The young girls under Elizabeth Home undergo the Independent Living Program (ILP) where they are prepared for sustainable life. They are closely monitored by the house parents and social workers to develop their self-esteem and find their place in society.

Ella Yallah Home

Since May 1996, Ella Yallah has been a stable home for children as they study and prepare for an independent adult life. Later on, the home was turned into a home which cares exclusively for teenage boys. These boys also undergo through ILP where they are prepared for an independent life outside Virlanie. They are also closely guided by the house parents and social wokers to develop their self-esteem and find their place in society.

Cyrus, Ella Yallah Home Beneficiary

Cyrus is known to many as a jolly, playful, and friendly 10-year-old boy who loves sharing his toys and food with other children. He is affectionate to Virlanie staff and loves hugging and greeting them. However, this wasn’t the case a few years ago when he was admitted at the Boy’s Town Complex. Cyrus’ mother sought the help of the barangay and decided to surrender him and his siblings, as she was sick and no longer capable of supporting her children’s needs.

Early last year, Cyrus, along with his two younger sisters, were welcomed in Virlanie for temporary shelter. He is currently residing at Masaya Home and taking Alternative Learning System classes at La Paz Elementary School. Thanks to Virlanie’s Residential Pillar, he and his siblings are well taken care of and given the psychological, health, educational and social support that they need.

“When I was still in Boy’s Town, I was sad because I always get bullied by other children. Here in Virlanie, I’m happy because they take good care of us. They never neglected me. Before, I didn’t know how to read. But now, I’m gradually learning because of Virlanie.”

Cyrus, 10
Ella Yallah Home Beneficiary ​

CLUSTER 2: Homes for Children with Special Needs

Aime Home

Aime Home opened in 2006 to accommodate the increasing number of children with special needs being brought to Virlanie. Most of the children in Aime Home came from the Reception and Action Center (RAC) of Manila or referred by other institutions. Some children were also surrendered by their own families because they lack knowledge and reseources to care for these children with special needs.

Jade Home

Initially opened in November 1995 in Makati City, Jade Home was the first Home for children with special needs. However, to respond to the growing number of children with special needs, the home was transferred to Dasmarinas, Cavite (south of Manila) to give way to Aime Home. Jade Home is located in the countryside and offers children an appropriate lifestyle with enough space for therapeutic activities and exercises, as well as gardening.