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We are an eco-ethical marketplace that connects socially conscious consumers to sustainable and zero waste products designed and handcrafted by our Nanay artisans.

By creating a stable demand for their designs, we give our artisans employment and the self-belief that their ideas and handiworks matter.

Likhaya is a play of two tagalog words, Likha and Kaya, which when put together aptly describes how we want our artisans to have – the ability and freedom to create and innovate

LIKHA means create 

KAYA  means ability 

LAYA means freedom 


To empower and transform women and children, making them a source of inspiration within their family and community.


Where financial independence is possible, one woman, one child at a time.


Our artisans are from our Community and Street-Based Programs who are actively involved in our Livelihood Skills Training Program such as sewing and rolled paper jewelry.

Earning away from home is a challenge for our artisans because they have a family to take care of. Thus, Likhaya’s fair trade and flexible production arrangement give them the freedom to produce and earn while staying with their family. 

For our young artists in the Residential Programs, we aim to make Likhaya their safe space for expressing themselves and helping them discover and nurture their talents through painting.


Each product you find in our Likhaya pop-up store is uniquely designed and intricately crafted by our artisansWaste materials like telang retaso, old magazines and used cement bags are upcycled and repurposed into environmentally friendly products that can be used every day One-of-a-kind paintings by our special needs children and young adults are reproduced on canvas bags so more people can appreciate their artworks.


Rolled paper jewelry

Our artisan from the street-based program passionately rolled and glued every strip of magazine pages to create fashionable and sustainable earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Our artists from the residential programs created piece of art and let's  express their artistic potential. Discover their full range of artistic abilities.

Retaso Weaving

From the usual doormats, our weavers from Rolling Hills, Quezon City stood up to the challenge and innovated their products into placemats, tote bags, bucket hats, coasters, and kitchen mats.  

Canvas thought-bags​

 A mother and child collaboration, each bag is sewn by Nanays from our Communities and artistically painted by our young artists in our Residential Program.

Likhaya's Partners

There are many ways we can work together.  We can co-create products for your corporate gifts and giveaways.  We can collaborate to help you recycle or upcycle your waste products.  We can co-design employee-giving initiatives through community and street-based livelihood programs.  We’d love to hear from you! 

Where can you purchase Likhaya products ?

For retail : Visit Likhaya Pop-up Store

4055 Yague Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 

Open daily 10am-3pm (Mon-Fri) 

For bulk orders : Please contact
[email protected].

FOLLOW US - Likhaya by Virlanie

“I took that opportunity to learn something new and generate income though this until today. I am grateful that I become part of Virlanie Foundation, it such a big help for me and my family, the lessons I learned from FS made me a better mother, partner and/or person. I am also thankful because I learn how to bake from livelihood program, the Virlanie allows me to utilize my skills and talent and because of this I can generate income from it up to this day.”
Cyrus is known to many as a jolly, playful, and friendly 10-year-old boy who loves sharing his toys and food with other children. He is affectionate to Virlanie staff and loves hugging and greeting them. However, this wasn’t the case a few years ago when he was admitted at the Boy’s Town Complex. Cyrus’ mother sought the help of the barangay and decided to surrender him and his siblings, as she was sick and no longer capable of supporting her children’s needs. Early last year, Cyrus, along with his two younger sisters, were welcomed in Virlanie for temporary shelter. He is currently residing at Masaya Home and taking Alternative Learning System classes at La Paz Elementary School. Thanks to Virlanie’s Residential Pillar, he and his siblings are well taken care of and given the psychological, health, educational and social support that they need.

Joseph is 11 years old. He has been with Virlanie for several years. Currently, he is in the Ellah Yallah residential home wherein, all the basic needs, health and education are provided to Joseph.