Children, youth and families supported by Virlanie’s programs are all subjected to social exclusion, negative social beliefs and stigma. One of the most prevalent concerns among residential care institutions is the integration and inclusion of its beneficiaries in the society. Without these, they will forever become dependent on the said institution.  

The Training program is designed to help the children, youth and families at risk to decide which possible sustainable plan is best suited for them so they can become active members of society.

Training services

Through our training services, the young adults are enabled to become self-reliant, productive and independent individuals through independent-living programs, livelihood opportunities and social entrepreneurship.

Social Enterpreneurship

The integration of young adults and women across the Street, Community, and Residential pillars is at the heart of the Social Entrepreneurship Program. We aim to empower them to become responsible individuals through employment and entrepreneurship—increasing financial self-sufficiency and personal capacities. The program plans to achieve these while also ensuring the environmental sustainability and Virlanie’s organizational sustainability through both cost reduction and income generation.

Independent Living

In order to ensure successful exit of young adults turning 18, the Independent Living Program helps our young adults prepare for independent living. It is done through mentoring, livelihood skills and professional trainings before and during their transition towards a responsible, productive, and self-sustaining life.

"Virlanie was my home. The foundation supported my needs from shelter, food, clothes, and education. Through the Independent Living Program, I even had the chance to go to college."

Paolo, 24
An ex-ILP beneficiary who entered Virlanie when he was 6 and now works at Novotel (Virlanie partner)