Virlanie Youth organizes tribute for teachers at World Teachers’ Day

Last October 10, 2019, The Rising Youth (TRY), Virlanie’s youth-led organization, conducted an activity for Virlanie teachers in celebration of World Teachers’ Day. The objective of the event is to thank the teachers who helped Virlanie children through the years.

Cenen Milan, Virlanie’s Program Director gave an introductory message to personally thank the teachers for their commitment in teaching the Virlanie beneficiaries. “I really admire your dedication that despite a lot of opportunities being offered to you outside our institution, you still remain committed to be part of Virlanie to give education to our kids who are in need,” he said.

The tribute is filled with activities that recognized Virlanie teachers’ passion and dedication towards their profession. Almost all Virlanie beneficiaries participated on the event. A video of thank you messages from students was also presented for the teachers. Tanglaw Home kids danced for their teachers. TRY presented a comedic skit which impersonated their teachers in their day to day office hours. Later, they performed a short dance number to finally end the presentation.

Biboy, Vice-President of TRY shared insights about the event. “It all started when Ms. Faidah Cayongcat (Virlanie’s Education Program Manager) asked us to conduct an event for the first time. We coordinated with each Virlanie home to make this happen. Good thing that we conduct our TRY meetings after office hours. This helped us to keep it as a secret to our teachers. Before, we only gave them handwritten letters, but this year, I am glad that we did something new. I think the recent teachers’ day celebration is a memorable gift for our teachers.”

Junilyn Silvestre, Virlanie’s Human Resource Manager, expressed her thanks for the teachers as well.

Virlanie teachers also shared their thoughts about the event especially dedicated for them.

“All of us cried. We are deeply touched by the efforts, performances and tribute of our students to us. Before, they only give us letters telling thank you. This year has been different as this is the first time they showcased their talents on our special day,” said Czarina Canlas, one of the teachers of the Magellan Learning Center. Shaira Ballarta, a street educator and a first-time teaching practitioner said that it made her feel great as a teacher. “I just graduated last 2018. It is a heartwarming experience for me to accept this kind of gestures from our very own kids. I feel appreciated and I hope there will be more activities like this for us.”Teacher Dhel, Education and Training Lead of Virlanie’s Community Pillar, shared the joys of being a teacher. “As a livelihood teacher, I am honored to teach the marginalized mothers knowing that after the learning session, they will not only improve their economic status, but they also become empowered. I thank the Rising Youth for hosting this event,” she shared.