Virlanie welcomes Love Añover as its Virlanie Champion

One of the Philippines known TV Host, Eat Girl and Traffic Girl, Love Añover joined the Virlanie Foundation, Inc. family as one of its champions.

During her visit, Love Añover explained why she is not hesitant to become a Virlanie Champion.

“I was in the Probe Team (documentary TV show) back then when we decided to do an episode about kids. We met a 5-year-old kid who was abandoned in the streets. We were tasked to research for an organization which has a good reputation, where we can place him. We were impressed by Virlanie’s work and we decided that this is the perfect home for him,” Love explained.

Love Añover has been in notable Philippine Television shows. She became part of the Probe Team, led by Cheche Lazaro, a prominent media personality. Until she had her own show called, the Lovely Day and now she is a regular Unang Hirit host, a morning program of GMA channel 7. She also mentioned how she shared how she can relate to the story of Virlanie kids. Love was born to a poor family in Leyte. They used to depend on farming to make a living.

“When my family migrated to Manila, I realized that we are missing a lot. My parents did not finish school, he was a construction worker and a part-time tricycle driver. My mother did not even finish school as well. She was busy taking seasonal jobs like doing the laundry for other people. Nanggaling din ako sa wala (I started from nothing),” Love said.

As a first-time mother, Love Añover felt excited of advocating for Virlanie’s cause.

“I am very flattered that you chose me to be a Virlanie champion,” she added.

After the contract signing, Love Anover spent time with the kids at Virlanie Homes and learned about Virlanie’s projects.