Virlanie kicks-off Livelihood Training Programs in Tondo

The Virlanie Livelihood Training Program has started its skills training on sewing and cooking in Barangay 105, Aroma Complex, Tondo, Manila.

“The livelihood training activity in Aroma actually started last February 18, 2021. We have twice a week sessions that take place every Thursday and Friday of the week,” says Mobile Unit Lead, Ferdie Cellona.

The Livelihood classes are conducted in the Tondo Community Initiative facility in Manila.

Training on Sewing

Teacher Dhel, Virlanie Livelihood Training Lead teaches the mothers how to sew. “We are happy to welcome these women in the class. They are very interested to learn how to sew, she said.

Ate Juvy is one of the mothers who take the class. She lives in Aroma, Tondo, Manila. She is a solo parent and she decided to join the sewing class organized by Virlanie.

“I am a solo parent and I have 7 children. I want to learn how to sew because I want to sell bags and make clothes for my kids,” she said.

Juvy invested her time to learn to further develop her skills. Aside from her newly acquired sewing skills, she also knows how to provide beauty care which she offers in her community.

“I believe in my skills. As a solo parent, I have to do my best for my children,” she added.

Juvy finally learned how to make her own make-up case and tote bag. “I will use it every day,” she said. The bags she handcrafted are out of the textiles used in their classes that are provided by Virlanie.

Training on Cooking

Rosalinda Pelaris is a Virlanie Cooking Instructor. She handles a group of mothers and teaches them recipes that can also become a source of livelihood for the mothers who attend the classes. Some  of the recipes they learn are sapin-sapin, siomai, puto, tocino and, skinless longganisa.

“By teaching them how to cook simple dishes, they can put joy on their family table, and their new  skill can still be developed and be a source of income,” she said.

From budgeting, sanitation, and cooking process, the mothers become equipped with new knowledge in cooking.

“I don’t really know how to cook. I want to support my family by having my own food business,” said one mother. “I am a solo parent, and cooking can be a good skill to learn so that I can take care of my children well,” said another.

The Hard Skills Training will end on March 11, 2021, and will be followed by three days’ soft skills training on proposal making and budget management. The mothers are on their way to start their own small business and further provide for their families’ needs.