Virlanie celebrates 25 years of bringing back the smile to street children

Last August 10, 2017, we celebrated our 25th anniversary along with our partners for development.

“We are proud and grateful to have been given such support these past 25 years,” shared our founder and Director, Dominique Lemay. “And so, we wanted to give back and show our gratitude to our sponsors, volunteers and corporate partners who have supported us throughout the decades.”

This tribute event was held at Novotel Manila, our co-presenter.

Our guests feasted on 25 Smiles photo exhibit showcasing 25 portraits of staff, beneficiaries and supporters of Virlanie for the past 25 years.

The event brought on the stage one of our former beneficiary – Dan – who is now working at Novotel. He shared his touching testimony on how Virlanie gave him the opportunity to grow up within a family and get a job now that he is an independent young adult.

The Rising Youth, Virlanie’s young adult’s organization, performed their original speech choir piece, “Kamalayan”. And later that evening, in a special set, The Virlanie Voices serenaded the audiences with wonderful songs.

We have also walked our partners to our colorful history through our milestone video.

Together with our dedicated staff and volunteers, Virlanie has continuously worked, uplifting the lives of underprivileged children. In the course of its 25 years, we are proud to say that we’ve personally touched each and every life of the 17,000 children who have found a home at Virlanie.

Virlanie’s success, of course, would not have been possible without the passion and hard work of its dedicated staff and partners.

“I had come to the Philippines some 30 years ago to help establish this foundation. Then until now- even if the journey has been difficult – I have never regretted or felt tired fighting for the rights of these children. They are all wonderful, talented individuals who have been dealt unique challenges, but each and everyone of them has been able to bravely rise up from their circumstances,” shares Dominique Lemay, our Founder & President.