The Spirit of Volunteerism remains alive

Ms. Mary Grace Gervacio together with Mr. Alvin Arnecilla, Virlanie’s Sponsorship Officer during the donation turnover for the children’s trick-or-treat party. 

Volunteerism is a form of helping in which people actively seek out opportunities to assist others in need, make considerable and continuing commitments to provide assistance, and sustain these commitments over extended periods of time, often at considerable personal cost. Several features mark it as a distinctive form of helping. Unlike the helping that occurs spontaneously in response to emergencies, volunteers typically seek out opportunities to help. Unlike the obligated helping that occurs in the context of ongoing relationships, volunteers typically do not know those they help in advance and have no prior bonds of obligation to help them (Source: International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2001). 

At Virlanie, there are individuals or groups who chose to extend their volunteerism through in-kind and cash donations, sponsoring a child or program, or by sharing their time with the kids teaching skills and academic related-stuff or by being a caregiver-for-a-day. 

Meet Ms. Mary Grace Gervacio

Ms. Mary Grace Gervacio is currently sponsoring Maru of Masaya Home for over 5 years. According to her, “Giving back to local communities has been an important part of our credo and culture”. In their workplace, passionate employees regularly engage in their local communities to support their needs. Grace is fond of celebrating parties with Virlanie children. She invited Maru together with other Virlanie children to her daughter’s birthday party and last, October 29, 2021, she visited in Virlanie to sponsored a trick-or-treat party to Masaya Home. 

Like Grace, you can HELP through the following:


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