Fernando Sena holds Virtual Art Workshop for Virlanie Youth

Last December 4, 2020, a virtual art workshop was held in partnership with Mr. Fernando Sena, also known as the Father of Philippine Art Workshops. The activity lasted for an hour which made the Virlanie Youth busy after doing their schoolworks. During the online workshop, they were able to discuss the basic principles in drawing an illustration which can guide the participants in their own drawing and designing endeavors.

“With this pandemic, everyone has been stuck in their homes, we must take this opportunity for the kids and youth to excel in the arts,” said Mr. Sena during the online lecture.

The beneficiaries listened to the tips attentively and sooner, applied all they learned by making their own artworks; and most of the participants hailed from Elizabeth Home and Ella Yallah Home, both Virlanie residences of young adults.

Excelling in the Arts through SiBuHi

The Elizabeth and Ella Yallah home beneficiaries are known to be the homes of artistic Virlanie youth. They always show their willingness to participate in these kinds of activities. During the celebration of National Children’s Month 2020, most of their works are showcased in the mini exhibit designed by the Virlanie Social Workers

SiBuHi (Sining, Buhay, Hilom translated as: Arts, Life, and Healing) remains committed in delivering their tasks to uplift the spirits of the youth through arts. This also became possible with the recent partnership with Mr. Fernando Sena, the artist who shared his skills with the youth.


Sining, Buhay, Hilom (SiBuHi)

SiBuHi is one of the programs of the Education Pillar. This gives our children access to various recreational activities such as virtual arts, performing arts, and sports. You can get to know this program by visiting this link for their factsheet.

As of the moment, holding in-person and outside activities is currently prohibited. Should you be interested to hold a virtual art workshop to keep the recreational activities alive in Virlanie homes, feel free to reach us out at: [email protected]