Celebrating Nutrition Month: Virlanie promotes healthy diet to children

In line with the Philippine’s celebration of the Nutrition Month, our Medical Team conducted Health Education Session with the children last July 26 at our Magellan Learning Center. The Nutrition Month is an annual campaign held every July to create greater awareness on the importance of nutrition among Filipinos.

The Health Education session aims to help the children distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods. A display of healthy food selections was exhibited during the session. Our Medical team’s nurse, Naja Akih, lead the session and encouraged the children to adopt a healthy diet to function properly and stay healthy. She also highlighted the 3 major Food groups (Go, Glow and Grow) and their function on our body on her discussion. Along with the active group discussion, the kids also participated through singing and dancing songs that promote wellness.

See photos of the said Health Education session below!Virlanie’s medical team is composed of 1 resident doctor and 2 nurses. The team provides healthcare services to our children. Their services include annual physical and medical examination, preliminary checkup upon admission of children, and monitoring of nutrition, hygiene and sanitation efforts at each home. They also provide healthcare trainings to Virlanie staff and children so they are equipped to take care of themselves.