Celebrating 22 inspiring and fulfilling years of Virlanie Foundation

Giving back the smile to children has always been Virlanie’s number one priority and being able to continuously do this for 22 years has been nothing short of amazing and truly inspiring. Virlanie celebrated its 22ndanniversary with “Indak, Galak”, a fiesta themed party held last July 25, 2014 at the Makati Coliseum Function Room.

The anniversary celebration was divided into two parts, the morning festivity was a children’s fiesta party that was solely dedicated to the children of each home and program that Virlanie caters to. The Virlanie Children’s Choir began the program, entertaining everyone with their beautiful and angelic voices as they sang away the guests in to their seats. Each home and outreach program was given a chance to showcase their talents, may it be singing or dancing, in the form of presentations that they performed during the program.

The graduates of Virlanie were also recognized during the event as each of them was presented with certificates of excellence for having been able to reach and pursue their aspired goals and dreams. TV actress and Ambassador for Sponsorship Program, Isabelle Daza, together with her cousin Martine Cajucom, paid a visit in the midst of everything; giving away goodie bags to the children as they joined the celebration. Everyone who was a part of the Virlanie team may it be the staff, volunteers and donors were present during the celebration, having fun and celebrating 22 years bringing smiles to street children. A fiesta food party followed the series of presentations which featured famous Filipino fiesta delicacies.

The second half of the anniversary celebration was more of a formal and sit down dinner dedicated to the Cariñosos and Cariñosas of Virlanie. Newly hired employees such as the head office and home staff were welcomed to the foundation in the form of a special presentation to entertain the rest of the members of the Virlanie family. Everyone else chimed in as the foreign volunteers presented their own song-dance number.

Several raffle draws were given that night in partnership with Adidas and other generous partners and office staff. The staff and volunteers were even more entertained when Mr. Cariñoso and Cariñosa candidates were announced as they take on a pageant-like program wherein they were asked to strut their stuff and undergo a question and answer portion. Eventually, Houseparent Jesus Sapitanan and Social Worker Jeniffer Rose Mateo were crowned as Mr. Cariñoso and Cariñosa, respectively. Loyalty awards were presented to those who have dedicated their time and efforts to Virlanie as a way of recognizing their hardships and thanking them for their service and passion for the children. It was truly a festive day for Virlanie!