Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report’s theme for 2019 is Leadership and Independence because our goal is to develop our beneficiaries’ leadership skills to help them achieve independence. Leadership and Independence are taught and valued in Virlanie as it does not only pave the way for the youth inclusion in the society but also arms them with skills needed to inspire their peers to overcome their difficult circumstances.

This report is also an opportunity for us to highlight the beauty of Filipino culture and how it can be a channel for our children to express their own identity and grow into independent adults. Through art, they can express their fears, concerns, dreams and ideals.

Traditional Filipino weaving symbolizes the lives of our beneficiaries as they are all, in their own way, weaving the threads of their lives towards a better future. Virlanie gives them weaving tools through empowerment and independence-building. Virlanie staff and volunteers work hard every day to help the families and children under our care to shine and thrive by themselves. They use the weaving tools provided to them as they elevate themselves and live the life they deserve and envision.