A Virlanie Child’s Amazing Health Recovery

Rebecca* is the eldest child from a brood of three (3). She belongs to a street-family and her parents are both jeepney barkers in front of a mall in Manila. She was five (5) years old then when she was referred to the foundation by the Reception and Action Center – Manila on July 7, 2012 for temporary shelter and medical intervention.

Prior to her admission in Virlanie, she was confined at the hospital due to severe malnutrition. She could not walk nor stand on her own due to severe weakness. She was also noted to have poor appetite and needs spoon-feeding during meals. She could not enjoy playing with other children or even do simple activities as she easily gets tired.

After about a month of proper care and interventions, Rebecca* was able to recover. She showed significant improvements in terms of her development. She started gaining weight and became an active child. At present, Rebecca* is six years old. She is now enrolled at La Paz Day Care School while she attends the Early Starter Program under Virlanie’s Magellan Learning Center. She is noted to have been participative and active in class. She is a smart young girl who shows enthusiasm to explore and learn new things.

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