Young Adults benefit from skills training workshop

Rue Bourbon conducted a skills training workshop with 13 Virlanie young adults from February to March this year. The workshop consists of three focus areas, of which, Rue Bourbon staff are skilled of: baking, customer service and bartending.

“At the heart of these workshops are Virlanie young adults whose lives are transformed by gaining the skills to get a job or build their own business,” Faidah Cayongcat, Virlanie Independent Living Program (ILP) Coordinator said. Rue Bourbon staff, themselves, were the ones who trained the young adults. Aside from the lectures and demonstrations, they also shared their personal experiences as employees, which in turn, inspired the you¬ng adults to be persevering and open for continuous learning. Each young adult was given a certificate after the workshop to recognize their newly gained skills and active participation in the program.


“They taught us many things and I love that they emphasized on cleanliness and sanitation. They also made us understand the value of social skills in this kind of career. They gave us practical tips in case we want to pursue baking, customer service and bartending,” *Grace, one of the young adults who participated on the workshops, said.


In 2011, Rue Bourbon rebuilt its company goal towards providing a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience to its customers. This has been the value that Rue Bourbon staff was able to impart to the young adults—to take care of their future customer’s needs by providing high quality service and assistance.

“Without this seminar, we won’t be exposed to these kinds of work that we can also do in the future. It improved our career prospects and further our personal development,” *Maricar, another young adult, said.

ILP aims to empower and support young adults to become self-sustaining and independent individuals. Rue Bourbon employees’ involvement in skills training makes Virlanie-Rue Bourbon partnership a collective effort towards providing a better future for former street children. Aside from Rue Bourbon, Solidarity AccorHotel’s endowment fund also supports ILP.

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