VirtualRacePH teams up with Virlanie to advocate for Children

This month of July, Virlanie Foundation celebrates its another year of Give2Achieve. A signature campaign of the Foundation to gather supporters to advocate for inclusive education in the Philippines. With this, the Virlanie team proudly partnered with VirtualRacePH, an organization composed of professional, and passionate running enthusiasts founded by Archie Dolit, and Joric Gonzales to help Virlanie organize its very first virtual run, for a real cause.

About VirtualRacePH

VirtualRacePH was formed in an interesting way. It all started from a simple skype call, a Facebook message. The idea was hailed from a virtual run idea when Skype call between Archie and his wife. Archie like the virtual run concept where participants will have to run at their own time and place and will just submit the records online to the organizers, and once validated, they could still receive their entitlements. During that time, there are still no virtual run organizers in the Philippines, and they would aim to be the first organization that time. Archie decided to contact Joric through a Facebook message and shared the idea. With the discussion, they arrived with a mission for virtual race and that is to MOTIVATE more runners, ADVOCATE for charities and causes, and to CELEBRATE every runners’ achievements.

For them, virtual race is a serious business that despite their own professions, they could still manage to dribble their tasks to establish the virtual running group as this has been their passion, and commitment to their communities. Archie works as an engineer, and Joric works as an entrepreneur.

VirtualRacePH, always make sure that their platform should also be motivating to runners by giving them EQUITABLE, CHARITABLE, and SUSTAINABLE running fees so that they can still enjoy a good run while advocating for what they believe in.

VirtualRacePH aims to be the premier virtual race organizer in the Philippines and hopes to help more charities and causes while organizing virtual races. They aspire to build a community of runners who love running, who care for others, and who can make a difference.


Running for Causes and #Stronghold

Currently, the VirutalRacePH community has conquered 1.35 million km and has donated Php 1.26 million to various charities. The Virtual Race organizers all these amazing results to their passionate runners who are up to challenge to run for a cause. Up to date, they continuously beat their record by increasing their efforts and distance to support advocacies that promotes change, for the good of society.

Stronghold is the Virlanie Foundation and VirtualRacePH partnership, a cause for street children and to promote inclusive education in the Philippines.

With your help, you can advocate for children’s educational rights, and needs; and at the same time, you can also help continue VirtualRacePH mission to motivate runners to run with a cause.