Virlanie’s Presence In Negros Province

One of the goals of our program Bangon Probinsya (Rise Province) is to improve the living conditions of the Tiglawigan families affected by the super typhoon Yolanda. Tiglawigan is an island located in Negros. The project is divided in two parts: Developing livelihood for families by introducing new sources of revenue (Balik Kabuhayan Project); and Reviving schools in Tiglawigan.


Project 1: Developing livelihood for families

With the support of Virlanie Foundation and Platform 34, a French association that supported the program, ten projects were established to revive the economy in Tiglawigan.


These projects will open specialty stores so the families can benefit from these. Tiglawigan will soon have tailors, carpenters, hairdressers, cooked food vendors, re-sellers, motor repairmen, and owners of sari-sari stores (small corner stores). They will also get the chance to go into the business of hog raising. The members of Starffa Association, the local group created for the community’s benefit, are presented with various financial opportunities being created in the village. Fire Solidarity, the association which helps in the installation and orientation of the water system, plumbing, and first aid, has organized several interventions on first aid as well as training sessions on financial management.


Project 2: Reviving the schools in Tiglawigan

The inauguration and the blessing of the canteen, water system, and Building 10 (Laboratory of Science and Information and Communication Technologies) happened on May 29th 2015. This day was dedicated to all those who, directly or indirectly, were responsible for the project. Towards the end of the inaugural ceremony, the parents organized and served simple snacks for everyone.

Virlanie Foundation, in collaboration with AMADE, was able to help 200 children from the most disadvantaged areas. After the typhoon, these children were able to receive a complete set of school necessities: uniforms, shoes, backpack, notebooks, etc.