Virlanie young adults take ‘ILAW’

Two staff of Google Philippines have shared insights and words of inspiration to the young adults of the Drop-In Center last August 16, 2014.

The activity was part of the Inspiration Life Appreciation and Wisdom (ILAW) celebration of the Young Adults Program. According to Ms. Yang Obrero, YAP Coordinator, ILAW’s agenda is to help the young adults build up more motivation and inspiration through stories from different people.

Mr. JemmCellan and Mr. Melvin Noche of Google highlighted their stories of motivation and encouraged the young adults to strive for their dreams and not think small of them.

Noche graduated Valedictorian at the University of the Philippines and had an offer of scholarship from Cambridge University. He emphasized that he wasn’t good in mathematics but he strived hard to be where he is now. He connected his life to “a plant that will not grow if you do not take care of it.”

Meanwhile, Mr. JemmCellan talked about how he tried to change for the better. He also talked about his fraternity life, how he tried to move past that phase and change, eventually having a girlfriend who motivated him to end his fraternity life.

The fraternity topic was very relatable for the young adults since some of them are joining fraternity due to peer pressure. It is a common concern that the social workers and Ms. Obrero are dealing with to educate regulate

They ended the talk by processing the information that they heard. There was a discussion on what happened and what they learned from Mr. Noche and Mr. Cellan. Some of the young aduts shared their dreams and insights about what the felt.