Virlanie welcomes VJ Ai dela Cruz as Virlanie Champion

Virlanie Foundation, Inc. welcomes MYX VJ Ai dela Cruz as one of its Virlanie Champions. Virlanie is privileged to have Ai in its family as she inspires children and youth; an ideal example of a youth with a vibrant energy that serves as a perfect example that any youth and children must possess.

Ai is known to be part of MYX as its Video Jock. She is also used to be part of Mornings with ANC as one of the Entertainment correspondents of the show. “At first, I am not yet sure what is Virlanie,” she said. “Until I decided to search it online, only to find out that it is an organization that really helps children who are poor and neglected,” she added.

Ai was able to visit several Virlanie homes such as Masaya home, Marco Polo Care Center, Babies and Toddlers, Aime Home, and the Elizabeth home. “We are so surprised to see VJ Ai. We also watch the music channel where she is hosting the Top 10 music videos show,” said Danchelle, a resident of the Elizabeth Home.

Virlanie is looking forward to creating projects with VJ Ai in influencing the youth to never stop dreaming and to overcome their struggles.