Virlanie welcomes Suzi Abrera as its Champion

Virlanie Foundation, Inc. welcomes Suzi Abrera as the new member of its family. She is the new advocate of children who are struggling in streets.

Suzi Abrera, a mother of 3, is a multi-awarded TV host of a morning show in the Philippines. Last January 8, 2020, she officially signed the contract of ambassadorship, together with the Thomas Mouliac, Executive Director and Ashley Venerable, Communication Manager at Virlanie head office. She also took the time to talk with Virlanie’s Founder, Dominique Lemay and several Virlanie staff. She didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the children of Virlanie and spend time with them. She went to the six homes and made a lot of children smile with her presence.

“I’ve heard Virlanie some 22 years ago when I met a volunteer. I don’t remember his name nor his face, but his passion stayed with me. He was from abroad and travelled to the Philippines to volunteer for Virlanie. That kind of service leaves a legacy and changes lives,” Suzi shared on her Instagram.

Virlanie was established in 1992. For almost 28 years, several celebrities visited and supported the Foundation, including Billy Crawford, KC Concepcion, Tim Yap, Isabelle Daza, and musicians Sud and Joey Ayala. While their contributions were notable, this is the first time that Virlanie has had an official Champion.