Virlanie Quebec

Founded in 2000, Virlanie Quebec supports Virlanie Foundation while maintaining its own projects: individual or group courses in Manila with street children and volunteer jobs in Quebec. Participating as a sponsor and giving donations are two ways to get involved with Virlanie Quebec as well.


Group courses: Every two years, a group of adults (ages 18+) with a particular set of skills visits Virlanie Foundation for a set project lasting three weeks. The project aims to create a more pleasant and sustainable environment for the children, while offering the students an opportunity to experience volunteering in a cross-cultural setting.


Individual course: Virlanie Quebec will assist you if you wish to volunteer your time and resources for the benefit of street children in the Philippines.


Volunteering in Quebec: The team is always looking for people who are willing to be involved in adhoc services in Quebec. Feel free to contact them for more information or to offer them your skills.


Sponsorship: Want to get involved directly in improving the life of a child in Manila and create a special bond? It’s possible through sponsorship! You will be informed of the personal history of the child you sponsor and receive regular mail. You can also monitor your sponsored child by receiving their progress reports every year.


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To volunteer in Quebec or Manila: [email protected]


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Members of Virlanie Quebec:

President – Daniel Maheux – [email protected]

Vice President – Maxime Gomeau – [email protected]

Secretary – Claudine Bélanger – [email protected]

Donations – Carole Huot – [email protected]