Virlanie organises workshop on scriptwriting and storyboarding

Last March 7, 2020, Virlanie hosted in its offices in Makati a workshop on storytelling and storyboarding conducted by filmmaker Seymour B Sanchez. 

Seymour Barros Sanchez is an advocacy filmmaker, communication and film lecturer, freelance writer, and a former producer for news and current affairs programs. He graciously accepted Virlanie’s invitation to conduct a workshop on the process of video production. 

The workshop was a one day introductory lecture on the different steps of pre-production. 

As Virlanie is aiming to provide more quality content to our audience and advocate for the children in our care to the best of our capacity, improving our skills in creating said content is the key.

Thanks to the precious expertise of our guest lecturer Mr Sanchez, the communication staff along with the Likhaya team were empowered with knowledge on how to create impactful and truthful stories for the audience. 

The Virlanie staff attending the workshop gained new and useful knowledge. Esther one of the volunteers in charge of Likhaya, Virlanie’s social entrepreneurship program, expressed her gratitude:

“We are deeply thankful for the learning opportunity and I am personally looking forward to applying my newly learned skills to creating an impactful video for the Likhaya brand and show the world how incredible the work of the mothers really is.”

Maraming Salamat to Seymour Barros Sanchez ! We are looking forward to providing new video content and showcase the successes of our children to the world.