#THEYMADEIT : Discover the success story of Rhon

Rhon, 24 years old, is the 1st four-year course graduate in the Mobile Unit. He has been a beneficiary of the Virlanie Foundation, Inc. since he was four years old. “I’m probably the longest beneficiary for now,” he smirked.

Virlanie Foundation Inc is happy to announce his graduation from the Technological University of the Philippines in Manila Campus in August 2023 with the Latin honor of Cum Laude in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, major in Information, Communication, and Technology. Learn about his life: 


Congratulations on your graduation! Through all this past year, what is the most difficult stuff that you face? 

I believe, like many other students in my situation, my most difficult journey was undoubtedly during the first season of the pandemic period. I practically stopped my studies at the time because of that. I lacked sufficient gadgets or devices to employ for my online class. It was a lonely period, but I managed to go behind it and finish my study.”   


 What is your earliest memory of Virlanie Foundation, Inc. and the Street-Based Program staff?  

I began remembering Virlanie’s deeds when I was six years old. I started as a beneficiary because my older brother was also one. I recall taking part in street-based program activities with other kids. But I’m the type of shy person so I didn’t connect a lot. My greatest memory, however, was receiving a gift, a toy, from Ate Marie, the Street Program Manager. It was my first time, and I felt blessed and fortunate to have such help for myself and my family. Virlanie help us in term of education, but also provide us with some medicine and food.”   

What was your childhood dream job, and has it changed since then?   

As a child, I aspired to be a criminology student and a police officer. My second ideal job would be to become a registered civil engineer. I don’t have big hopes for the future because I trust in myself, and after graduation, I don’t want to be in agony and disappointed because I have high expectations. Throughout the year, I learned that not every expectation becomes reality and sometimes, we must be practical. And that is fine. For the time being, I’m focused on graduating and planning to work as a teacher to give back to the community.”   

Do you have a message for the Virlanie family?  

“I’d like to express my gratitude to the Virlanie staff and sponsor for assisting me in terms of my life and journey. Also, thanks for helping me with financial aid in terms of assisting me and my family. Everything has made me grateful. My advice to Virlanie Foundation beneficiaries is to have fun, be responsible, and do what you need to do to assist and develop yourself with the aid of Virlanie Foundation.”