Virlanie Choir at the Fete!

Headed by Prof. Malou Venida-Hermo, the Virlanie Choir was the opening act for the 21st Fête de la Musique, which started at the A-venue Hall in Makati City. The choir sang the Philippine national anthem, as well as the French national anthem.


The Fête de la Musique in Manila is being organized by the Embassy of France in the Philippines. This year, it was the 21st edition of the festival in Manila which ran from June 20th until the 21st. It was simultaneously celebrated around the Metro in different music halls and bars and was attended by different music artists of different genres.

Aside from being the opening act, the Virlanie Choir also performed at Le Café Curieux. This venue was also an opportunity for them to sell copies of their albums, as well as products made by the mothers of the foundation’s child beneficiaries. The audience was at first quiet but as they continued to sing, the crowd could not help but cheer them on and give them a rousing applause. Evidently, the audience was in awe of the choir. These little children indeed have big voices that deserve to be heard.


Photos by: Najee Sandrine Chua