Virlanie children spend Valentine’s Day at the Manila Ocean Park

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, children from our BTH, Aime, MPCC, Masaya, and Tanglaw Homes were taken out for a day tour at the Manila Ocean Park by volunteers from Deloitte Philippines last February 14, 2018. A total of 30 kids (13 toddlers from BTH, 9 kids from Aime Home, 3 kids from MPCC, and 5 kids from Masaya and Tanglaw Homes) experienced the different attractions of the marine theme park.


Upon arrival, the kids, along with 20 Deloitte volunteers, were oriented about the park’s rules and regulations. Each volunteer was paired with one child; except for the kids from Aime Home who had two house parents and one SPED teacher as their guardians. The volunteers acted as the children’s guardians while they were going around the park.

Together, they explored the park, visiting attractions such as the Snow Village, the Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Toy Museum, and the Barnyard. The kids were also treated to dinner while watching the sea lions’ exhibitions during the Sea Lion Show.

Before parting ways with the volunteers, each kid received a giveaway relevant to their needs. One of the volunteers couldn’t help but burst into tears after saying goodbye to her “child for the day”.

This was Deloitte Philippines’ first corporate outreach activity with Virlanie.

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