Virlanie celebrated 27 years of serving Filipino children

In 27 years, Virlanie helped more than 22,000 beneficiaries.

In 27 years, you gave Virlanie the power and inspiration to give back the smile to street children.

Last August 9, 2019, Virlanie celebrated its 27th anniversary with a night of fun performances for the “smile givers”—Virlanie’s staff!


A Night of Celebrating Filipino Culture


Like every anniversary, the Virlanie staff celebrated this event with pride and honor. As August 9th also happened to be within the week of Buwan ng Wika (Philippine Language Month), the whole event was led in Filipino (the national language), and themed around the Filipino traditional food, clothing, and music.


To open the night, the Chairman Emeritus and Founder of Virlanie Dominique Lemay started with a speech, followed by Thomas Mouliac, the Executive Director. They both expressed their gratitude to the hard work of the staff, and talked about the future of the foundation. The staff was also blessed to welcome Susan Rivera, Vice President, who represented Virlanie’s Board of Trustees. She led an inspiring and emotional speech talking about how she came to know about Virlanie, and decided to become an active leader.


After the speeches, comes the time for games and amusement! The new staff and volunteers of Virlanie had prepared a show to introduce themselves to the Virlanie family. Songs and dances brought this night to a colorful and warm atmosphere, ready to start the buffet! 


Noel Borja, “Papa Noel” as he is fondly called, was awarded a plaque of recognition for 20 years in Virlanie. He worked as a house parent before and now as a company driver. He explains that receiving this plaque is not about counting the days he has served Virlanie but enjoying small, daily accomplishments made for the kids. As a father figure for 20 kids in the residential pillar, his job is not always easy: “There was a day when I was so exhausted from working and I was just sitting and taking a rest and a child approached me, gave me a big hug, and told me ‘I’m just here for you papa’ these are the little things that I really enjoy about Virlanie.”

Ma. Theresa Ynion, “Ate Tess”, Virlanie Home Life Manager was a recipient of the 25 years award. She completes the testimony of Papa Noel by saying: “Our contribution may not be as big as the stars, what is important is our strong commitment in fulfilling the mission of Virlanie and our personal experiences which we will carry even when we leave Virlanie.”

While being recognized, one could see pride in the recipient’s eyes, and sometimes a few tears. Thank you for bringing your smiles and generosity to the heart of Virlanie, and our deepest congratulations.

This emotional and joyful night ended with candle blowing signifying the organization’s one wish to continue its mission of loving, protecting and empowering children.

Virlanie family would like to extend a huge thank you to all our supporters, donors and sponsors who give us the possibility to continue our work and make the Virlanie family a team ready to face challenges.

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