Virlane kids show off their musical talent at SiBuHi Recital

The SiBuHi (Sining, Buhay, Hilom: “art, life, healing”) Center organized its biannual recital last May 31, to show the talent and progress of its music students. Thanks to local teachers and volunteers, all children of Virlanie programs were given a chance to take part in individual Piano and Guitar lessons or join the Choir.

During the recital, some selected kids played various songs in front of an audience composed of their friends, families, and the staff of Virlanie. The show started with Guitar, followed by piano and choir performances. The renowned “Virlanie Voices” then took their turn on the stage and ended the show with a cover of “A Million Dreams” accompanied by the choir trainees.

In the backstage, the students were excited but nervous while waiting for their turn to perform. Sarah, a piano student and beneficiary of the residential program explains: “It was a very good experience and I’m proud [of my newly learnt skills]. But honestly, I was very stressed because there were so many people who will watch me.”

Now that the summer vacation has ended, the children are back in school, but continue their lessons on their free time.  Ate Hélène, the volunteer Piano teacher said, “I’m really proud of them and I really enjoy seeing them happy while playing piano. I look forward to see how they develop their musical feeling and comprehension.”

SiBuHi is a project under Virlanie’s Education Pillar. The difficult backgrounds of Virlanie children often result in their lack of self-esteem or psychological drawbacks. The regular practice of artistic activities or sports can be an opportunity for them to unleash their talents, self-expression, and healing.

As part of the holistic education Virlanie aims to provide to our children, the SiBuHi Center gives our children access to various recreational activities such as visual arts (painting, and arts and crafts), performing arts (choir) and sports (badminton, swimming, and soccer).

You can support children’s talent by giving to our Give2Achieve campaign. See here: www.virlanie.org/give2achieve