The Weaning Home closes its doors

The Weaning Home, which welcomed six young adults when it first opened in 2012, closed its doors in late January 2015 due to limited resources.

The young adults from the home, some of them have been living in Virlanie since they were children, are still being monitored and guided by the Foundation through its sponsorship program or the LIFE program. Those who are still students are being supported by their sponsors who help them with their daily expenses, covering tuition and housing expense.

Virlanie Foundation’s LIFE Program assists the young adults’ transition into independent living and guides them in their career choices to become responsible and active members of society. This program focuses on the areas of personal development, career mapping and job search.

The Weaning Home was established to ensure continuity within the residential program and provide support for young adults towards their transition from childhood to adulthood. It is indeed a new beginning for the former residents of the home, and some of them are clearly ready to leave the nest.

Virlanie Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported the Weaning Home and those who are supporting the LIFE Program!

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