The Virlanie children’s achievements for the year

As an annual celebration, the children of Virlanie Foundation celebrated their 9th Recognition Day in Makati Coliseum last March 30, 2015. During the celebration, the children were acknowledged for their achievements, not just in their respective schools but also their achievements in the Magellan Learning Centre.


There were 17 students from the class of Teacher Wen who received their certificates, and 14 students from the class of Teacher Grace. From the class of Teacher Jen there were 21 students, and from the class of Kuya Lolo, 23 students.


These students are not just good in academics, but also good extracurricular activities. For the academics, there were 22 students who got grades higher than 85% in their respective schools. For extracurricular activities, there were 13 students who received special awards from their schools.


Lastly, there were some students from Virlanie Foundation who graduated from various levels: elementary (primary level) had 9 graduates, and high school (secondary level) had 2 graduates.


Photos by: Emmanuelle Billaux