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The People Behind the Smiles: Virlanie Staff Celebrate it’s 25th Year

In line with our 25th Anniversary celebration, we have gathered our staff, volunteers, and board of trustees for a simple formal dinner celebration at CityState Tower Hotel in Malate on the 21st of July.

It was a special time to commemorate the silver years of bringing back the smile to our street children—a time to come together, look back, share old stories, and create new memories to recognize our contributions to achieving Virlanie’s mission.

The program kicked off with the Opening ceremonies, a video which showcased the activities of the staff for the previous year, and a truly heartfelt message from our founder, Dominique Lemay.

Staff, Volunteers, and the Board were treated to a delicious buffet dinner. A feast to celebrate and give more energy and appreciation to the staff that are instrumental in achieving Virlanie’s mission.



After the dinner, we looked back on how far we’ve come with our passions to give back. Testimonies were given by our former beneficiaries

Noel, 19, was a former beneficiary. His tear-filled testimony explained his journey and how he was able to overcome various hardships because of Virlanie’s support. He started as a Mobile Unit beneficiary when he was a child. It was the Virlanie Mobile Unit team who also supported him in finding a regular job. He passed interviews at Novotel and is now an apprentice at Housekeeping Department since May.

Mark was a former beneficiary in our Residential Program. Through our Independent Living Program, he has successfully exited Virlanie as a self-sufficient young adult. He is now in 3rd year, taking up B.S. Social Work in Philippine Christian University.

Vanessa delivered her testimony via video message. She was the first nurse in the Foundation, from 1994 to 1999. She was the former Project Coordinator of Mother and Child Program, former head of the Medical Team, and program head – repair and maintenance of the homes.

Performances were also given by the Virlanie Voices, Virlanie Dance Troupe, New Staff that joined us this year, and the Rising Youth (organization of young adult beneficiaries of Virlanie).

We have also taken this gathering as an opportunity to recognize our employees for their tenure with the organization. They have given Loyalty Awards for their service.

Loyalty Awardees:

Ate Paz (Blue) and Ate Dolly (Red) were awarded for their 25 years of service.

Angay, Maria Paz Rivas Deputy Admin Manager – 25 years,1 months

Alejandro, Sofia Dolly Pastolero Sibuhi Coordinator – 25 years,1 months

Fowler, Lanie Jamoralin Social Services Manager – 20 years,11 months

Olivera, Edgardo Mapaye House Parent – 15 years,8 months

Malibago, Emelina Alvarez MLC Lead – 15 years,8 months

Cayongcat, Faidah Usman ILP Coordinator – 15 years,4 months

Suzara, Deana Manuel Project Lead – 15 years,0 months

Dadulla, Maria Rosalia Daganio Social Worker – 10 years,9 months

Coloma, Salve Bance House Parent – 10 years,1 months

Bea, Janet Balane House Parent – 5 years,11 months

Locsin, Bianca Isabel Rosal Senior Psychologist – 5 years,11 months

Tabucalde, Marideth Acosta Teacher – 5 years,6 months

Javier, Ferdinand Dela Cruz House Parent – 5 years,5 months

Vergara, Ma.Lady Lyn Rodriguez Psychology Lead – 5 years,0 months

Reyes, Edwin Precilla House Parent – 5 years,1 months


All our staff was also recognized by our very own management team. The following presented the certificate of recognition to each department:

JUNILYN SILVESTRE – HR and Admin Manager (for HR and Admin Dept)

CENEN MILAN JR. – Program Development Director (for Homelife and Program Support Team)

ARLYNE FERNANDEZ – Deputy Executive Director (For Social Services and Family Reunification Program)

MA. EMMA SOLASCO – Outreach Program Manager (For Outreach Program Team)

ROBERT NACION – Finance Manager (for Finance and IT Team)

CHRISTOPHER CABILES – Fundraising and Communications Manager (For RDD Team)

MANON LEFEVRE – Volunteer Coordinator (for local and foreign volunteers)


Himig Virlanie composed and scored by Junilyn Sylvestre, HR and Admin Manager was also performed.

July is also the birth month of Mr. Dominique Lemay, our founder. We surprised him with his very own cake and portrait.

Ms. Susan Rivera, our Board of Trustees member, delivered the closing remarks telling her Virlanie journey and how she wants her kids to be involved in the cause as well.

With 17,000 lives and more transformed, Virlanie has proven itself to be effective making a positive impact to the people it comes across with, be it the beneficiaries or the staff. This Family only gets bigger and bigger.

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