Testimony of Mrs. Villaceran, parent and volunteer

Testimony of Mrs. Villaceran, mother and volunteer of Tiglawigan Elementary School

“Friday, November 8, 2013, was the most devastating day for the people of Tiglawigan. In just less than an hour, severe damage was done to the barangay, especially in the Tiglawigan Elementary School. After a few months, Virlanie Foundations Inc. founded by Mr. Dominique Lemay, came to our barangay in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental and visited our school. They saw the unroofed buildings, damaged classrooms, wrecked infrastructure all over the school. They not only adopted Tiglawigan Elementary School, but also gave scholarships to the indigenous students and provided school requirements, school supplies, and uniforms.


As the parent of 3 students, I’m very thankful to Virlanie Foundation, l’Amade, and Princess Caroline, and Pompiers Solidaires who helped our school and transformed it totally. I am proud that my 3 sons are educated in Tiglawigan Elementary School.

Thank you very much Virlanie Foundations, l’Amade, and Pompiers Solidaires, for helping our school. God bless you!”