On 25 July 2015, 50 Virlanie young adults and mothers from Virlanie homes and supported communities started attending Teentrepreneur, a training on entrepreneurship sponsored by TELUS International Philippines.

The training, which lasted for two months, aims to provide financial business literacy to the youth and breed young entrepreneurs. They have had learning sessions on market and the environment, entrepreneurship, basic acumen, business planning, and business presentation. They were also asked to develop a group business plan, which was presented to and evaluated by the executive management of TELUS including its Vice President for Finance and Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Jao II and Vice President for Brand Marketing and Culture, Mr. Warren Tait. Instilling the importance of savings, teamwork, discipline, and leadership in the Virlanie teens and mothers is one of the main objectives of the program. Thus, they have also had informal learning sessions on character development.

The participants were divided into several groups with at least five members. TELUS also provided them with seed money, which they used for preparing and coming up with the actual product. Their culminating activity happened on October 3, wherein the groups displayed their products and were given time to market them to all the staff. They were also asked to present their business plan, and the group PabeBest whose product is homemade peanut butter was chosen best by the judges.