Supporting the Fisherman Village near Tiglawigan

Situated by the say, the fisherman village located near Barangay Tiglawigan was one of the most wrecked villages by Typhoon Haiyan. Virlanie Foundation, alongside “Plateforme humanitaire et de solidarité de l’Hérault” supported families living there. Thanks to their support, over 130 families (out of a total population of 650) received counseling and financial aid after the natural disaster. These families, relying their whole livelihood on fishing activities, had their lives turned upside down when the typhoon severely damaged their boats, disrupting their only source of income.

Virlanie, together with the efforts of her partners, participated in collaborating with the locals to finance thirty-three (33) motor boats equipped with fishing nets. In addition to this, a cooperative was established to foster other income-generating activities, allowing the town to gain autonomy and productivity without having to rely only on fishing. In parallel, a number of small enterprises – such as a sari-sari store, a barbershop, and a tailor shop – have been financed and have now provided new jobs for the people in the village.