Support the “Rice Up!” campaign

Virlanie Foundation will be re-launching their “Rice Up!” campaign which aims to raise 600 sacks of 50kg of rice for its beneficiaries.


The campaign was a result of the foundation’s goal of providing for the needs of street children and this includes the most basic staple among households – rice.


For over twenty-one years, Virlanie Foundation has extended help to street children in dire need of special protection. These kids who were abandoned, neglected, abused, exploited, orphaned, and poorest of the poor are the reason why Virlanie continues to do what they do. Children admitted in the foundation are all malnourished and have been exposed to a lot of dangerous experiences and activities which made them severely weak and frail. Being concerned with their well-being, Virlanie strives to attend to these children by helping them recuperate and get back on their feet. Of course, a balanced meal is part of how they can regain health.


It takes only 600 sacks of rice to feed all the children of Virlanie from its homes. Imagine being able to feed that number of children.


Last year’s Rice Up! campaign was able to raise 612 sacks of rice and hopefully, the same result will be achieved this year.


Take part in this year’s campaign and donate rice now.


Contact Erin through 0927 809 2358 or [email protected] for more information.


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