Virlanie Foundation has been fortunate enough to work with the best supporters. Last February, Virlanie received a donation of electronic tablets from Google Philippines with the expressed intention of making the age’s technological advances available for the children under the care of the Foundation. Computer literacy has become an expectation, not just an advantage for aspiring employees in this fast-paced, always-connected society. This becomes a point of concern for children coming from underprivileged backgrounds who normally cannot afford expensive gadgets to keep abreast with the technological norms of the 21st century.

Thankfully, through the support of our partners at GOOGLE, this concern can be addressed in a helpful and sustainable manner. Twenty (20) electronic tablets, with numerous educational apps for Math, English, General Knowledge, and more have been given to the Magellan Learning Center and the Mobile Unit, which are programs focused on the children’s education.

Here, children directly from the streets and children who reside in the Foundation have controlled access to these electronic devices that give them an interactive interface for their growth and learning. Virlanie, together with its partners, will continue to work tirelessly for a brighter future for the children under its care.
It is the Foundation’s hope that more corporations, schools, and individuals will stand alongside its mission to “bring back the smile to street children”.
If you would like to make a donation for the needs of the children, email [email protected] today!

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