Sponsor’s story: A child’s source of love and support

We believe that one of the best ways to empower a child is through education as it opens doors by giving the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to realize their potential and have a better future, regardless of the circumstances they are born into.

Thankfully, Virlanie has individuals who ensure that our children will have access to school and other learning opportunities through our sponsorship program. More than the educational support, these sponsors bring love and joy to our children like a real family.


Joining the family of smiles

Rowena’s sponsorship journey started when she visited Virlanie and met the children in her company’s outreach program in 2015.

“Knowing the vision and mission of Virlanie, we felt that we need to take part on this and to somehow share our blessings to others. Upon seeing the kids of Virlanie, how they were taught of LOVE and good manners, we were motivated to sponsor a child. We believe we can see her achieve her dreams.”

As the sponsor for six-year-old Ara’s education, Rowena sees sponsorship as a valuable investment and hopes for her to have a bright future ahead.

“Though the child is not of our own, it will be a great achievement for us to see this child achieve her full potential and become a successful person in the future.”

The sponsorship program also encourages the sponsor and the child to keep in touch. For Rowena, she sees this as an opportunity to show love to Ara by personally visiting her while she can.

“Every important occasion such as Christmas and her birthday, we ensure to at least visit her in Virlanie. Though it’s only been a year since we have started the sponsorship, we wanted her to feel that there’s someone who cares for her.”

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Rowena and Ara have developed a close and loving relationship. “Every time we visit her in Marco Polo Care Center, she always runs towards us and give us a tight hug. That simple gesture of her makes us more attached with the child.”

Through the sponsorship program, Rowena has not only helped a child get an education but has also become a source of love and support to those who need it the most. As Rowena shares about the lessons she learned as a child sponsor:

“Helping others will bring joy to your life and others. Once the kids felt that you care for them, they will love you like their own family. Some of these kids no longer have a family, and this is our calling to share that love we have within us and to share our blessings especially to those who are in need.”

Want to send a former street child to school and become his/her source of love and support like Rowena? Sponsor a child today! Find out more here: http://virlanie.org/get-involved/sponsorship/sponsor-a-child/

*Name changed for protection