Sponsors’ Rendez vous

The first-ever gathering of sponsors in the Philippines, entitled Sponsors’ Rendezvous, was held last May 18, 2013 at SiBuHi Center for Creativity and Development at the Virlanie office. The theme of the event was ‘giving back more smiles to street children’.


This is one of the initiatives of Sponsorship Program this year which aims to show VIrlanie’s gratitude to the Virlanie sponsors in the Philippines for their continued support for their sponsored children.


During the Sponsors’ Rendezvous, Virlanie sponsors had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the Sponsorship Program of Virlanie and later on, they had the much-awaited time bonding time with their sponsored children.


To concretely show Virlanie has been helping our children, especially through the sponsorship program, two former sponsored children gave a testimony about what sponsorship means to them and how the program changed their lives.


The sponsors were also delighted with performances from the talented children of Virlanie. The children from the Tanglaw Home performed an interpretative dance number and later on, the Virlanie Children’s Choir regaled guests with their angelic voices. This was actually the Choir’s first performance in the Philippines after their Spring Tour in France and Belgium in April 2013.


This gathering was in line with this year’s goal of increasing public awareness about the sponsorship program and help increase the number of local sponsorships.


If you want to know about the Sponsorship Program or how you can help us in our cause, please email us at [email protected] or call at +63 895 3460. Sponsor a Virlanie child today!


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