Sofitel Manila Teaches to Reach!

Sofitel Manila has been a long-time beloved partner of Virlanie Foundation. As a company that truly cares, it comes as no surprise that Sofitel’s engagement level with Virlanie Foundation runs meaningfully deep. They are involved and helpful friends, and we are convinced that the children under Virlanie’s care would not be who they are without Sofitel’s influence and support.


Aside from actively fundraising for Virlanie Foundation, Sofitel Manila also makes it a point to engage their employees in order to give help that will have long-term effects on the children of Virlanie. Teach to Reach is Sofitel’s response in providing academic intervention for the children enrolled at Virlanie’s tutorial program at the Magellan Learning Center (MLC).

Together with MLC’s volunteers and staff, fifteen (15) Sofitel employees volunteer once a week, every Thursday, from 9:00AM-12:00PM. They follow a curriculum that has been predetermined by the MLC teachers.

Currently, these fifteen Sofitel volunteers are directly engaging with thirty-seven (37) children. They are teaching those in pre-school level, those in need of tutorials, computer class, and reading.

According to Mr. Cenen Milan, Virlanie’s Program Development Director, “This engagement with Sofitel volunteers gives our children another perspective and dimension of learning. Through the support of the volunteers, our children are able to arrive at a better understanding of their academic subjects. In a way, our children also find a lot of inspiration from the volunteers themselves, and gain self-confidence.”

Teach to Reach is already celebrating its 5th anniversary. Virlanie Foundation is grateful for partners who share the same mission to bring brighter futures to children. Watch out for next month’s feature on the Sofitel volunteers themselves!