Sofitel Half-Marathon Run Donation Turnover

Sofitel Plaza Philippines, one of Virlanie’s staunchest supporters, recently turned over a Mitsubishi L300 vehicle last February 9, 2016. This vehicle will be used in shuttling our children to and fro their activities, picking up donations, going to important meetings, and other such events. With this gift, Virlanie will be more equipped to “bring back the smile to street children”.

Already on their third major donation from the half-marathon run, Sofitel Philippines shows no signs of stopping their commitment to help the Filipino community. “It’s really a pleasure to be working in a company that not only takes care of their employees, but also has a heart for others,” says Ms. Alice Jenkins, Director of Sales & Marketing, “and it’s been our pleasure to be able to support Virlanie Foundation all these years.”

Virlanie Foundation is honoured to be regarded as the chosen beneficiary of companies with the same heart as Sofitel, and is encouraged by the growing awareness of companies towards their social responsibility to the community. Sofitel has always acted as a leader in this regard, donating not just resources, but also encouraging their employees to donate their time and talents by regularly tutoring the children in Magellan Learning Center.

The donation turnover happened at three o’clock in the afternoon at Sofitel Manila with Virlanie kids present to appreciate their new gift from Sofitel.

Dominique Lemay, Virlanie Founder & President; Arlyne Fernandez, Deputy Executive Director; Faidah Cayongcat, ILP Head; Desiree Munoz, Donor Relations Officer; and Najee Chua , IGP & Virlanie Choir Communication Coordinator were present for this turnover. Members of the Sofitel Executive Team were also present, notably Ms. Marian Villar, Director of Human Resources; Ms. Alice Jenkins, Director of Sales & Marketing; Mr. Alfredo Denage, Resident Manager; Mr. Adam Laker, General Manager; and Mr. Damien Marchenay, Director of F & B.

If you’d like to engage with Virlanie Foundation as part of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, kindly contact [email protected]