Sarap Cafeeling: the coffee shop fundraising event by The Rising Youth

A sweet smell of cooking emanated from the locals of the SiBuHi center during the first edition of Sarap Cafeeling organized on October 25th.


Sarap Cafeeling is an initiative launched by The Rising Youth – the Virlanie Young Adult Organization – to raise funds for Virlanie’s Mobile Unit Programs.

From 3 pm until the end of the evening, SiBuHi became a real coffee shop and welcomed the everyone in an evening full of music, spoken poetry, inspirational talks, board games, raffles, and most specially, delicious food and amazing service from the Rising Youth members.

“This is the biggest fundraising event that Rising Youth has done since its creation,” says 18-year-old Rosemarie, president of Rising Youth. “It’s an ambitious project, we had to work hard to set up and finance this cafe,” she says.


Indeed, in order to buy the necessary resources for the preparation of various dishes and drinks, the young adults of Rising Youth organized a raffle among thethe staff of Virlanie.


“It’s been hard, but it’s worth it. We are happy and proud to be able to carry out new fundraising activities like this event. With the money raised, we will be able to help other children from other communities. ” Rosemarie shares.


Rosemarie held the position of barista during the event. The team started working in the kitchen early in the morning to make the dozen dishes available on the menu: pasta, cake, coffee, personalized sodas… there was something for every kind of taste bud!

Jordan, 22, is a former beneficiary of Virlanie. He is now a volunteer cooking teacher at the foundation and has supervised the young team at the event.


As a professional cook in a big restaurant in Mall of Asia, Jordan loved sharing his talent with Rising Youth teens. Other than his amazing cooking skills, he also teaches them soft-skills, proper attitude and professional values. “In the restaurant business, you have to be patient, rigorous, focused and attentive. It’s a team effort where the customer is always at the center of our attention!” says Jordan.

Rosemarie is very proud of the work of the entire team. “It’s our first experience in the restaurant business, it’s tough, but everyone shows a very good team spirit. We learn to work together and how to help each other. “

This evening has helped awaken the dream career of some of our young Rising Youth.

Jerico from Tanglaw now wants to become a chef just like his tutor Jordan.

Congratulations to all the team for this event which was a real success: they were more than fifty dishes served, guests were satisfied and delighted by the evening they spent… See you soon for a second edition!