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Raise the Future: The Best Christmas Letters of 2020

As we celebrate Christmas every year, Virlanie always makes sure that it can give the best Christmas experience to all Virlanie beneficiaries. This is usually through fundraising and in-kind donations; however, little we do know about what sponsorship pledges can do. Aside from the monthly pledges donated to Virlanie, we also make sure that our beneficiaries can create a personal relationship with their sponsors just to show how their support means a lot to them. They do this by sending them letters every year.

In this article, we would like to showcase the Best and Creative Christmas Letters we got from our beneficiaries through the help of our Sponsorship Team.

Carlito’s Letter

Carlito drew a colorful parol design greeting his sponsor a Merry Christmas. He expressed how excited he is this coming Christmas because he will be receiving a lot of gifts. He has also expressed his thanks to his/her sponsor for giving blessings.

Jhonard’s Letter

For Jhonard, Christmas is inspired by the coldness and nostalgia brought by winter. He sent a heartwarming letter to his sponsor telling his pandemic experience, his school life, and his big thanks to the sponsor for helping him along the way. Indeed, Christmas brings the merriness of all.


Jano’s Letter

Just like Jhonard, Jano was inspired to draw a Winter Christmas. He also impressed the reader with a slick typography of Merry Christmas (Pasko means Christmas) and he used crayons, and ballpoint pen as medium for his drawing. In his letter, he bragged about how the teachers and houseparents get through the pandemic, and he also expressed how his sponsor means to him.


Julie’s Letter

Julie drew a happy Santa figure to design her Christmas card. She also wrote how much sadness she currently feels because they will not be having a complete family Christmas with her whole family. She also expressed how the pandemic has been affecting her and her family. Despite all this, she is looking forward to the Noche Buena that her mother will be preparing this Christmas as this will somewhat uplift the spirit within the family. She is now in 1st year College, taking up Industrial Arts course.

Here’s also another design from Julie, a happy Christmas tree with a Merry Christmas greeting!

Bia’s Letter

Bia’s letter was already featured in our Raise the Future series album on our Facebook page. This is one of the impressive works from a Virlanie beneficiary as she took time to tell a story to her sponsor.


Jeffrey’s Letter

Jeffrey’s Letter is artistically made as he was able to draw a Santa leaving some presents in a home. In his letter, he also got to greet his sponsor a happy birthday and how his/her support means to him.

The creativity of the youth and kids of Virlanie is something to be proud of. This is also made possible through the guidance of their houseparents, and social workers who coordinate with them in order to make the communication of the letters possible to their sponsors. This is also through the Virlanie Sponsorship team who also works hard in collecting these for our sponsors.

Should you be interested to take a pledge for the youth and children of Virlanie, you can check our Sponsorship webpage, or you can also send us an email so that we can have a Virlanie representative reach you.

Sponsorship pledges are one of the best ways to support Virlanie Children and Youth, and at the same time, you can create meaningful relationship with them. Now that Christmas is approaching, what a kind way to spend a year of a pledge to support Virlanie beneficiaries.