‘Likhaya’ now on Instagram

Likhaya was derived from Filipino words “LIKHA” which means “create”, the act of which our mothers and young adults create the products and the following words:


• SAYA – which translates to happiness in Tagalog; happiness is what we aim to make people feel when they purchase our products through our mothers’ and YA’s social craft


• KAYA – which translates to ability or able; purchasing our products gives our mothers and young adults the capabilities and opportunities for inclusive empowerment so they can grow, earn, and develop their families, selves, and communities


• LAYA – which translates to freedom; current mothers in our program mentor the next batch of mothers in crafting the products; the profit from the enterprise also funds the programs which not only train the mothers but support their children’s education as well, thus creates social sustainability in the community and their families


• PAMILYA – which translates to family; purchasing our products help us share the love of a family that the Foundation hopes to provide to the chidlren, families, and communities we support, as well as to our dearest supporters.


By buying Likhaya products, you are supporting the empowerment and inclusion of women – mother artisans from partner indigent communities around Metro Manila – who are trained and given opportunities through Virlanie’s iLEAD Open Day Center for Education and Training and Mobile Unit.


Discover and follow @likhayabyvirlanie for unique Christmas ornaments and gift ideas handcrafted by our Quiapo and Tondo mothers.

For more products and details on how to order, kindly email Ms. Mary Antonette Flores, Social Entrepreneurship Manager, at [email protected] or send a direct message to our Likhaya Instagram page.