Likhaya mothers trained DTI Kalinga

Last October 31- November 1, three Likhaya mothers conducted an eco-jewelry workshop for the Department and Trade Industry (DTI) employees at Kalinga, Province. Fifteen (15) participants from SMEs in Kalinga learned environment-friendly branding and sustainable packaging.

Emelita, Jennifer and Myrna, team leaders from Tondo  were able to share their expertise in upcycling materials into sustainable eco-jewelry products. These mothers used to spend most of their time taking care of their children and trying to earn a living in the streets through washing of clothes of their neighbors. Through Virlanie, they were trained in upcycling and were able to use their creativity to make attractive eco-jewelry which are marketed by Likhaya by Virlanie. Later, they become the new trainers and leaders in the street community where they live. They pass on what they have learned to other marginalized mothers so they can also earn extra income.

New experience for community mothers

The upcycling workshops are avenues for community mothers to practice their teaching skills and are offered to the public and to partner organizations and businesses. “This gives mothers a greater sense of purpose which literally brings them to places,” Social Entrepreneurship Manager, Antonette Flores said.

Before DTI Kalinga, Likhaya also provided an exclusive workshop to the American Women’s Club of the Philippines.

“This was their first time to travel to Kalinga and stay in highly savored hotel. Aside from the fact that mothers now earn and learn more, it is my highest happiness to see them dream bigger now and stand in front of people to pass on their very own expertise,” Flores added.

Likhaya by Virlanie would like to thank DTI Kalinga for trusting and bringing community mothers to experience the beauty of Kalinga and show their expertise.

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