Lamudi promotes Home Enrichment through Cherish-A-Home Campaign

Last October 17, 2019, Virlanie Foundation, Inc. (VFI), was invited by Lamudi Philippines Inc. (Lamudi), in Outlook 2019: Lamudi Philippine Real Estate Conference . Lamudi is a real estate platform in the country. The event marked the launch of the official partnership between Lamudi and Virlanie through the campaign, Cherish-A-Home.

Cherish-A-Home aims at enriching the quality of life of children in need by improving the residences they live in where they can feel secured, loved, and taken care of. The aim of the campaign is to give children a family-oriented environment that fosters a sense of belonging, identity and origin.

Lamudi takes pride in its network of companies that can give support to Virlanie’s Residential pillar needs. They also aim at engaging their network to donate  furniture, home ornaments, kitchen supplies, and other needs  to a selected home that will give a nurturing ambiance to Virlanie children.

“We at Lamudi… We don’t want to have something that is a one-time fundraising activity… the intention is to constantly give the need of every house,” said Bhavna Suresh, CEO of Lamudi.

Cenen Milan, Virlanie Program Director was also invited to share some inspiring Virlanie stories for the Outlook 2019 participants knowledge about the Foundation.

Interested to know more about Lamudi and be part of the Cherish-A-Home campaign, check out Lamudi Philippines, Inc..

There are other ways to support Virlanie! See A Virlanie Christmas campaign for more options to get involved.