Introducing: The New ODC-ET

The ODC-ET offers support to mothers and young adults from the streets, along with their young children. Recently inaugurated in July 2015, the ODC-ET in Quiapo, Manila gives access to training that could empower them so they can improve their lives.

The center is fully equipped with tools and resources to support its beneficiaries as they receive training and education and eventually, access to sustainable job and livelihood opportunities. They can also be part of various income generating projects and directly receive earnings and benefits from these.

The Open Day Center for Education and Training aims to help the mothers and young adults by offering opportunities that will help them become independent, live dignified lives, and give their children better lives.


1. Reaching out. Virlanie Foundation goes out to look for, meet, and explain to potential beneficiaries the benefits of the program. ODC-ET supports beneficiaries who are committed to finish their training and, eventually, create a change in their own lives.

2. Training. The program is mainly concerned with giving learning opportunities to accumulate and develop skills, knowledge, and attitude. The training programs include practical and applicable vocational lessons, academic training, sessions to prepare them for employment, and life skills training.

3. Support and monitoring. Learning is followed by actual practice. Virlanie Foundation makes sure that the beneficiaries are able to utilize their skills by providing counseling and micro loans to those who are interested to start small businesses, and job hunting support for those who are looking for jobs.