Healthier Home for Virlanie Babies and Toddlers

Virlanie Foundation Inc., believes that homes should serve as haven where children will be protected from any harm. To remain true to this belief, the Foundation works towards creating an environment that supports its children’s safe development. In line with this, the Babies and Toddlers Home (BTH), which houses 20 children, underwent renovation since February this year and finished by April 10.

The BTH was transformed into a child-friendly space that encourages safe learning and social activities. Among the major renovations were the combination of the two toddlers’ rooms—creating one big room for the toddlers—and installation of a transparent partition between the toddlers’ room and the nursery room. A fire exit from the rooms was also created.

“The transparent divider has helped us to easily monitor the kids, especially when only one caregiver is able to look after them. We can easily see what’s happening from the other room,” said Andrea May Garido, the lead house parent of BTH.


Each of the rooms, which include the special room (room for babies and toddlers with special needs), toddler’s room and nursery room, has been installed with an isolation room. The isolation room is used every time there’s a need to confine a sick child to prevent the spread of the infection to other children. These rooms were also cushioned.


Aside from transforming the rooms, the kitchen and the comfort rooms were also renovated. A sink especially made for kids, where they can easily reach and wash their hands, was added to the lavatory area in the kitchen.

The old toilet bowls were also replaced with children low height toilet bowls. From two-sink lavatory, the lavatory in the toilet was also transformed into one large sink for easy bathing of babies. Outside the comfort room, an after-shower table for dressing up has also been installed.

The living room area is changed into a play area fully covered with paddings so the children can play around safely.

Most of the walls in the home were re-painted and electric outlets were elevated.

A toilet and additional storage areas were also built near the playground.

“After the renovation, we don’t worry that much about the safety of the kids; our worries were lessened and we became more comfortable,” Garido added.

The renovation was made possible by the generous support of a private donor and Tractebel.