Halloween party in Virlanie: Come as you are, as long as you “dress your best”!

On Friday, October 27, Virlanie kids, house parents and volunteers “dressed their best” to celebrate Halloween.

Each home of the residential program as well as kids from iLead ODC-ET and Mobile Unit gathered in Marco Polo Care Center (MPCC) to show their creativity and talents.

Each child became their favorite heroes or animation movie. The afternoon started with our Executive Director, Thomas Mouliac’s opening remarks announcing the decision from our partner, Emirates Foundation to fund the installation of aircon in every residential home.It was, at that very moment, a happy news since everyone was crowded in the heat of MPCC court!

Then, each team modeled and performed, for the greatest pleasure of the staff and other guests.

BTH kids were dressed in minions. Because they’re a bit too young to memorize a very elaborated show, betting everything on their cuteness, has obviously worked well!

Each member of MPCC family dressed according to Moana’s characters to perform a music hall show. They also have been noticed for building an amazing stage setting with crazy coconuts and hand-made furniture.

Tanglaw family embodied all the scope of emotions like in the animation movie Inside Out. From joy to anger, from fear to disgust and sadness. Switching music according to the different mood, they performed a very moving show.

Aime Home kids and staff were dressed like the Incredibles and performed a disco choreography.

Masaya Home created their elaborated hand-made costumes to embody each character of the animation Kung-Fu panda. Their choreography was modern, consisting some karate moves.

The kids from Mobile Unit were dressed in Peter Pan’s character as a tribute to the power of imagination that can allow every kid, wherever he lives, to create his own world and happiness. This piece was one of the most moving of all.

Elizabeth girls were dressed in Disney princesses and created a modern theater piece, revisiting the tale of prince and princess.

Ella Yallah boys performed as Avengers super heroes. Spotted: an amazing body make up of Hulk and a crazy sexy catwoman dance on Rihanna’s song.

Finally, ILead ODC-ET kids performed as characters of Big Hero 6. Their costumes were exclusively made of painted card board.

Added to this series of performances were beautiful songs from our very own choir, Virlanie Voices.

At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a time of collective game while the Jury was deliberating.

MPCC won the first prize thanks to their amazing performances and their great sense of details in the scenery setting. Tanglaw Home and its lovely adaptation of Inside Out got the second prize. Lastly, Aime Home won the 3rd prize for performing a very inclusive and synchronized choreography, featuring special talents of the children with disabilities.