Halloween: A Nightmare before Christmas

The alarm sounds like a death knell. The sound from the streets slowly fades. The Halloween Party is about to begin. The evening the competition among various Homes of the Foundation has come ; but the parents and children were prepared for a few weeks now. The members of the jury and the employees of the Foundation were surprised and left each home in shock. Every visitor of the home is excited. Their first stop : Ella Yallah.


Behind the brown metal gate, a circle of chairs aranged to form a pentagram, surrounded with old candles and a burned steel dustbin. Ate Dolly at the head of the procession pushes the door which opens in a loud creaking. In their position, the young teenagers of the House used an impressive recreation of the macabre atmosphere of a scene of horror. Everything—from costumes, fumigants, accessories, false blood to staging has been well-prepared.

“Children had the opportunity to conceptualize and create their own horror world at home for this Halloween party,” begins Ate Dolly, Coordinator of SiBuHi. “I am pleasantly surprised. I really did not expect such a result. Each house has provided an impressive work,” she continues, amused, with a broad smile.

Ella Yallah, was one of the 4 Homes which took part in the competition. Located in the neighborhood were other residences which staged their versions of terror. Masaya, became a house haunted by a dead family. They also staged a funeral home where widows in black mourn death and grim reaper animates mass.


Tanglaw became a place where people are being inhumanely tortured and incarcerated. Elizabeth Home became a dark, haunted house. Travelling from the communities, the Children of the Mobile Unit went to the Mobile Unit office to put up a childish atmosphere with a doll house and distributed candy to the greatest pleasures of adults.


“The young people showed an overflowing creativity. This evening had been an opportunity for them to demonstrate their talents and show what they learned from SiBuHi,” says Ate Dolly.

“Children have succeeded in reproducing terrifying atmospheres by recycling and reusing waste materials. They showed real innovation about their costume and makeup. This evening also allowed the parents of the different Homes to understand the importance of arts and creative activities in the development of children. They were able to mix their passion for music, dance, theater and makeup. Members of the choir not living in the Virlanie Houses were also able to participate in creating the banner.”


“This year has been a real success. I am glad everyone has enjoyed joining the party,” concludes Ate Dolly.


The evening ended with the performances of the various Homes and the children of the Mobile Unit in front of the Virlanie staff and other visitors invited for the occasion.