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Give2Achieve Launched last July 7

Last July 7, 2017, we, along with our partners, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Fundr, GavaGives and 3M, have launched our education campaign, Give2Achieve.

More than 20 people from the media and corporations had joined us as we introduced Virlanie Foundation, Inc. and Give2Achieve. Give2Achieve is our annual campaign helping street children to achieve knowledge, skills and attitude they need to become responsible and independent adults.

This event aims to serve as a catalyst to many new connections and to more visibility of street children’s learning potential waiting to be unleashed. A number of key organizations joined us including: Johnson & Johnson, Rappler, BusinessWorld, Hinge Inquirer Publications, Earth Mental, Business Mirror, The Daily Tribune, Inquirer Mobile, Junior Inquirer, Lucky Magno Brand Magazine, ATD Fourth World, and A Lifestyle Compass, among others.

One of the speakers in the event is Grace, a former Virlanie child who benefited from our educational programs. She is now a graduate of Business Administration from the Manila Business College. She shared, “Without Virlanie, I would have not been where I am now.”

Also present in the event is Virlanie’s Deputy Executive Director, Arlyne Fernandez who talked about Virlanie and Donor Relations Lead, Derik Tabunar who acquainted the guests about Give2Achieve.



Metro Manila and the National Capital Region (NCR) have an estimated 30,000 children on the streets. Some of them can either live or make a living on the streets, some may still have their own family, but others are simply abandoned or choose to run away from home, often due to domestic violence.

All of them face hardships and exploitation and are generally deprived of their basic rights, including their right to education. The majority of them are illiterate and have either never been enrolled, or have dropped out of the formal education system.

Additionally, while most children have their parents as role models, street children lack guidance from parents. The typical phenomenon of their so-called “social disability” is caused by the shortcomings of their upbringing.

The lack of education and educational opportunities makes street children particularly vulnerable to trafficking, child labour, sexual abuse, exposure to HIV/AIDS and other STDs and police violence. It leaves profound effects on their overall development, and lessens their chance to become responsible independent adults.

Even though these realities are faced by street children, we still believe that they have high potential. They are just not given the same opportunities as other children. Virlanie believes that education and social inclusion are therefore key factors to balance social inequalities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

That’s why our programs are focused on helping former street children become school ready, job ready and life ready. Our programs provide children with both formal and non-formal education so they can acquire life skills that will give them vitality and courage, joy of life, confidence in the meaning of life, self-confidence and awareness of social behavior codes.

With your support to Give2Achieve, you’re allowing street children to achieve knowledge, skills and attitude they need to become responsible and independent adults in the future. You GIVE them the means to ACHIEVE an equal footing with other children and you also help fight poverty and social indifference in a more global perspective.



With your help, educational opportunities for our children and young adults are within reach.

Here’s how you can play an active role to balance educational inequalities:


1. Donate now!

Donation is made easier through our partnership with GavaGives. You can make a donation through any of the following payment methods:

• Credit card

• Bancnet

• Internet Banking

• GCash

• Smart Money

• Payment Center

• 7-eleven

• Bank Deposit

• Check Pickup

You can donate NOW to help children achieve a better FUTURE. Choose any of the following:

• PHP 500 – to help 1 child to receive preparatory learning session for 2 weeks

• PHP 1,000 to help 1 young adult to complete a Job Readiness Training

• PHP 2,000 to help 2 children to receive tutorial classes for a month


What are you waiting for? Unleash street children’s learning potential!

2. Buy Give2Achieve shirt Do you believe that The Future is Inclusive? You can wear this statement and support the education of street children at the same time! Buy a Give2Achieve shirt. Profits will go directly to Virlanie’s education program in your support to Give2Achieve.

3. Share Give2Achieve to your friends

Nothing beats the word of mouth and the power of social media. If you know anyone who has a big heart for education and children, tell them about Give2Achieve!


Thanks to our partnership with Wristband Creation, we also have a promotional wristband you can get after you donate. All of our event attendees got them too! Wearing these wristbands is also an effective way to promote Give2Achieve.